Tour with The Hush Sound in July/August

hey guys we're excited to anounce that we're gonna be going out with the hush sound/the cab this summer. It's gonna be a great time, check…
steeltrain May 16, 2008

Tour with The Spill Canvas!!!!

We're gonna be heading out with The Spill Canvas for the first half of the summer (5/28-7-2) and we're very excited about it. The tour…
steeltrain May 11, 2008
Evan golfs with Baysidevid

Evan golfs with Bayside

this was a fun off day in El Paso, TX.
steeltrain May 10, 2008

DC last night

last night we played a save darfur benefit near Washington, DC. It was a good time. We went for dinner at PF changs before the…
steeltrain May 10, 2008
steel train awards show bayside, starting line, four year strongvid

steel train awards show/ bayside, starting line, four year strong

i rule. i threw an awards show for the tour in norfolk, va. To watch the other two parts of this series go to youtube…
steeltrain May 10, 2008
Steel Trainfour year strong with TSLvid

Steel Train+four year strong with TSL

Evan and Jack + Dan allan and Jake singing with TSL. I love this song
steeltrain May 08, 2008

Home. Tour. Home.Tour

we are finally back home! Though its not for long, it feels good to be back. It was sad to say goodbye to all the…
steeltrain May 08, 2008
webster hallpic
steeltrain May 08, 2008

the format, vocals, parties

the week came and went, it was a fun one. the format were filming a DVD at the mayan Theater and Jack was playing with…
steeltrain Jun 20, 2007

oceans 13, sopranos, vox

another weekend, another blockbuster. this weeks movie was oceans 13 and while it wasnt great, it was entertaining (at points).  after oceans 13 we geared…
steeltrain Jun 12, 2007

shows, recording, tour dates onlineage

vocals vocals vocals, that is what we are up to. i tried to cut my hair today but i dont think i did the best…
steeltrain Jun 07, 2007

poker week/acoustics/movies

and so it begins. a few of my friends flew into LA cuz they're playing in the world series of poker next week. they're staying…
steeltrain May 30, 2007
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